Welcome To Radio Monro UK

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Thank you for visiting our page, and listening to our station. Radio Monro UK is a sister station to WRFN1025, both being based in Northampton Town, in the United Kingdom. 
The stations are fully licensed, as required by law, and are proud to be supporting artists and musicians who collectively providing us all with entertainment.
Now we are in the New Year, 2018, I need to tell you that we are making some changes very shortly. We are changing the name of the station, as well as changing the musical direction of the station. We will be concentrating more on Oldies. The word Oldies means different things to different people. To us, it means concentrating on the Mid Seventies through until the early Noughties. However, that doesn't mean we won't be playing music from earlier than the 70's or later than the Noughties. 
Keep watching for further news which will be posted before January 12th 2018.

wrfn1025, Our Sister Station